237. tomorrow I'll miss you

Last week we went to DEQ, a bar/lounge at the Ritz Carlton. I love it there!! More than the Trump. & definitely more than my own building.

After the Ritz-Carlton that night, we went over to Spice Route! Another one of my favourite places. Had a couple Hpnotiqs..

Then we went for food at the Thompson Hotel's 24-hour diner. I don't really like the food at this place but it's good for middle-of-the-night-food.

Porsche 911 Carrera S - I really want this car after I finally get my licence! (or the 4S) Mine will be white with navy blue seats. :D

We had pretty good weather one day last week so I took a walk down to the harbour with my dog. I can't wait until summer is here again so I can come every single day/night again.

Photoshoot in my sauna last weekend! It was a lot of fun. I might post some of the photos when I get them.


  1. Porsche 911! That is one sick car but! I always love getting the most bang for the buck I'd get a Used Lamborghini Gallardo they go for roughly the same price!

  2. Can't wait for your pics in the suana! Must be good with all the wood background.

    Looking at the fruit tart and the pink drink makes me hungry for both food and alcohol! =D

  3. You should definately post those sauna photos. I would love to see them! I am exactly the same when it comes to changing my mindset. I have these great ideas or thoughts before I go to sleep and then the next morning I reassess and think, 'omg what was I thinking.' Haha I think it's so wierd too!

    Great post hun.

    Xox Soph

  4. OMGGGG all i need Glass with licour, Porsche and Sauna sesion =)

    Great job and thanks for share your live.

    XOXO from Munichh my dear.

    La Vie Quotidienne


  5. can't believe u have a sauna!! lol I wanna see the pics as well

  6. It always best to sleep on it as in the morning your mindset is refreshed and you will know what your really feeling! Great post sweetie,love these photos :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  7. Wow at the photoshoot in sauna im curious to see them!
    The weathers been the opposite over in australia we're heading for fall IM SO EXCITED FOR COLDER WEATHER!!!
    Is it weird that i would love to hang out with you for a day? You go to such lush places for food and drink <3

    ox Priscilla


  8. my sauna is being used as a luggage room right now, your pic makes me want to clean it out and actually use it ;)

  9. I know what you mean about changing your mind/thoughts constantly, this especially happens to me when I pms hahaha just this weekend I told my bf I thought he wasn't the one for me because he doesn't send me morning text messages and I like those LOL!!!!

    o0o0o That car is drool worthy and blue seats would look so hot! You baller you! I'm so glad I met someone that doesn't think it's crazy that I had a dream dictionary! (which I'm going to blog about soon too hahaha)

  10. I have napkins in my house that say ritz carolton or something on them lol.

  11. tnx you for stop by my blog and for your comment dear :)!



  12. Photoshoot in a sauna! That definitely sounds pretty awesome - hope you're posting them up soon!

    In regards to dreaming about your friend, I had the same thing a few nights ago that both my friends broke up in my dream! I told them and apparently they were actually thinking of breaking up :S eeps!

  13. Hello again! You blog is always so exciting, so many beautiful new places to see one day :] <3 Sarah


  14. I like the Ritz Carlton properties, great hotels! I see you like visiting hotels too :D
    Enjoy your weekend! PS I guess everyone can get to a point about changing their mind, I get that too xoxo

  15. Looks like you've been having lots of fun lately!
    xo Josie

  16. Hi Tiffany! I gave you a Liebster blog award! find more on http://the-travelbook.blogspot.com/2012/03/liebster-blog-award.html

  17. I used to eat at The Marche allll the time! And Harbour Front? I lived on the Esplanade so I spent time there often... Oh! You should do a blog post about my FAVORITE place in all of Toronto - The Saint Laurence Market!!! OOOh pretty pretty please?!



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