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A bit of bar-hopping with my friend today, including the first patio visit of the season at Fionn MacCool's. Even though it was only about 10 degrees, we managed to stay out there for like an hour..then migrated inside.

It still hasn't hit me yet, but my university life is pretty much over. I graduate in a few weeks? To be honest I don't know the exact date I graduate, BUT classes are all over this week. I got a couple more big assignments to finish, then two exams..then I'm done!! & the best part is....I'm going to Europe this summer!!!! I am planning to go to London, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Moscow, through Germany, through Switzerland, Paris.. Luxembourg? Dubrovnik? Prague?
I have my flight to London booked, so that's confirmed. But I haven't booked any other flights/hotels yet so I'm still able to change them all. I hope to go to all of those though (might cut the last two though if I don't have time..) I'm so so so so sooooo excited :D
I'll be going alone but meeting up with friends in most of those places. If anyone reading my blog is from those places or know much about them, I'd appreciate any tips or suggestions on where to go!! Or even suggestions on other European cities. I already want to change my return date to later..I keep adding more and more cities that I don't think I'll have enough time. I wish I could drop by Marrakech as well..
Anyways more about my trip next time.

On Wednesday night we went to the Trump Hotel's 31st floor restaurant, Stock, for an event/party they had there. It was crazy busy.

This is Suits, their lobby bar..

& my own lobby..

The Flash website I've been working on non-stop for the past few days. I finally finished it earlier today. It was fun making it..I want to make more websites now.

Dessert at O&B Canteen ..I love all their desserts!! Their food isn't bad either. But I mainly come for dessert ;]


  1. That's quite an ambitious travel plan but once you're over here, it's true, best make the most of it. Nice to see that Luxembourg is on your list now!

  2. wow cool stuff girl! the website looks gorge...


  3. that sounds fantastic! and you have such cool cities on your list as well! i haven't been to all of them but would like to and the ones i've been to are amazing! :)
    plus looking at your pictures always makes me miss Toronto. but luckily i'll be back soon enough :)



    I NEED A BIER like THIS...i need RELAX now.jajaja

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  5. so jealous of all your travel plans!
    what did you buy at holts? :)

  6. having so much fun!! as always ;) ;)


  7. I need to say I'm feeling a little jealous about your trip!
    Haha just kidding but it sounds wonderful! Really, I wish I could do something similar right now! Anyway, good luck with it! Hope you meet all places you have in mind, or at least, the most part of it!


  8. Wish I could visit all those places :)
    Love the LV bag!

  9. EUROPE!!!!! so fun!! n im jealous :)))
    Tats a long travel list. Should check out PRAGUE!! must do in ur itinerary.

    Once crazy school is over, u can BREAK FREE. :P

  10. Love your blog!
    Now following you.

    Mix & Match

  11. nice blog u have! come by and lets follow each other!


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