379. This Is Not A Toy

Chanel Bearbrick
Earlier this week I went to the "This Is Not A Toy" exhibit at the Design Exchange. The exhibit is on until May 19th, and features designer toys and artworks by Takashi Murakami, KAWS, MediCom, FriendsWithYou, and more. It's guest curated by Pharrell Williams. This is the first exhibition in the world where designer toys are displayed in a museum setting. The title of the exhibition is inspired by the famous painting "Ceci N'est Pas Un Pipe" (by Rene Magritte), and the fact that these objects may be called toys, but are not meant for play. Designer toys like these range in price from a few dollars to many thousands more and are considered as part merchandise, part art.

I was really excited to see all the Be@rbricks, my favourite designer toy. They had a lot of them on display. I need to expand my collection..I really want the Daft Punk and Chompers ones next! I was very impressed by the whole exhibit and definitely recommend it if you're into designer toys.

This Is Not A Toy Design Exchange
KAWS Companion
FriendsWithYou Godly
KAWS Companion
This is Not a Toy
FriendsWithYou Wish Come True
400% Be@rbricks This Is Not A Toy
This Is Not A Toy Design Exchange
The Simple Things Murakami Pharrell
The Simple Things Takashi Murakami Pharrell Williams
This one was my favourite! It's called "The Simple Things", designed by Takashi Murakami, Pharrell and Jacob The Jeweler. It is a large acrylic head with everyday objects inside the mouth..all blinged out and encrusted with 26,000 diamonds and gems. First unveiled at Art Basel back in 2009, it has gone around to the Tate Museum in London, Chateau de Versailles in Paris, the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar before arriving here.

400% Be@rbricks Kiss Starchild
Supersize Me Ron English
Bearbricks 400% Spongebob Mickey Mouse
Bearbricks 1000% Chompers Chanel
1000% Chompers on the left is next on my wishlist! On the right is one of the most famous and rare - Chanel Be@rbrick.

Bird Is The Word Gold Mau Bust
Beatles Kubrick set
KAWS Stormtrooper Darth Vader
Better Knowing KAWS
Daft Punk Kubrick
Daft Punk Bearbrick
I want these Daft Punk ones really badly as well

OriginalFake KAWS Seated Companion
Warm Regards Bar KAWS
KAWS Michelin Man
Milo on Rocking Horse BAPE
This Is Not A Toy KAWS
This Is Not A Toy Design Exchange
Bearbricks 1000%
This Is Not A Toy exhibit at Design Exchange
Hello My Name is Dunny
Mega Munny
Mega Munny
Dunny collection
Dunny collection
Which Dunny is your favourite?

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  1. I would have loved to attend this exhibition! I had no idea that Pharrell was into art as well. I like these cute toys and the pop art (my favourite) feel to it. I have the red with white dots mushroom like toy - I think I got it in Chicago a few years ago.

    1. yea I think he has quite a nice collection..there's photos of his home on The Selby ;)
      I love pop art as well

  2. Looks so much fun. I would check this out before the Exhibition ends. I like the Murakami toys a lot.

  3. sooo freakin cute!!!


  4. what an interesting exhibition

  5. thanks! I actually don't think my camera is that good lol I need to upgrade it soon. I either use a Sony DSC-H7 or my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3)

  6. What a cool exhibit! I agree the Daft Punk ones are fantastic…. I love when art can make you laugh and think :)

  7. Toys are my thing! I just love this! xxx



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