400. Recent Life - Ottawa

Hello! I have been horrible with my blog updates as always these days, but I have been in Ottawa for the past 1.5 weeks (and counting) visiting the BF. The routine every day is..we wake up, quickly get ready, and he drives me to a place downtown with a Starbucks, Second Cup & Bridgehead all on the same block while he goes to work. I do my work here for the whole day until I get picked up again and we go watch the sunset at a park/beach (where I've picked up no less than 15 mosquito/insect bites..somehow even one on the bottom of my foot) or eat at Ekko de Brasil (sometimes) for my favourite burger. We also saw pretty much every movie currently out in theatres. Ottawa is so different from downtown Toronto. Even at the busiest times here, there is barely anyone here. Well, I'm used to living at the busiest intersection of the city during lunch hour when a line up at Starbucks would be out the door and there is no chance of finding a seat. Here there's always a spot and less than 10 people inside at any given time. Now I'm one of those regular coffee-shop workers (not that I wasn't already in Toronto - just less extreme). I know where all the power outlets are, the best seats, best washrooms where there's a place to put down your laptop, etc..all the factors any "work from home"/coffee shop people with a laptop use to rate a good "Coffice" ;)

Starbucks (at Bank/Slater):
- mediocre WIFI connection
- 3 power outlets
- need a key to use the washroom (hate this)
- ok food
- army uniformed guys seem to go there alot
- pretty small inside (weirdly enough the quietest times are 12-2pm and busiest seem to be 2-4pm)

Second Cup (at Bank/Slater):
- best WIFI connection out of these three places (where I catch up on Suits and RHONY!)
- nice sofa seating beside a power outlet
- 2 power outlets that I've found so far
- nice washroom
- half the time I'd be literally the only customer in here
- bad food except the rice krispie
- everything is good except..my phone has very very weak reception in here (Guess I can't have it all)

Bridgehead (at Bank/Albert):
- lots of government workers in there it seems
- best food (love the soups and breakfast wrap)
- love the tea (comes in a teapot)
- love the seating
- love the atmosphere
- 2 outlets that I've found so far (along one row of seating which is kind of annoying)
- love the washrooms (ample counter space to put your laptop), but mostly I leave my laptop out when I walk away..which I wouldn't do at the other places
- now the worst...the WIFI is soooooo slow. It's pretty much non-existent!

So there you have it. It's been a productive week. For once I've been working at just the normal business hours. When I'm at home in Toronto without a schedule..my work day is pretty much all over the place.

sunset in Ottawa
Ekko de Brasil
Ekko de Brasil



  1. Beautiful sunset photos. It must be interesting to have been on a different schedule in a different location. It makes you look at your 'home life' from a new perspective. I like the term 'coffice' - first time I hear it.

    1. It does..I still haven't fully adjusted. I first heard it when I found that website lol

  2. Those fries make my mouth water. Haha.

    - Christina www.cityloveee.blogspot.com

    1. They're some of the best fries I've ever had!

  3. The sunset photos are so hot. thanks for those.

  4. Awesome photographs.The sunset photographs are looking so nice.

  5. Looking stunning . Always i like to see sunset . It's my favorite .


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