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Holt Renfrew Bloor
Picked up a brand new bag last week! If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, etc I'm sure you'll have already seen it. I will post some photos of it in my next post. It's a Fendi Petite 2jours. The colour I got isn't on the website though for some reason..

As much as I love this bag, I realized in the past couple years that I no longer get as excited as I used to about material items (which is a good thing). These days I am more into spending on experiences (mainly travel) rather than things, or saving/investing. I'm going to head out to Holt Renfrew again after I finish this post to get my initials heatstamped on the bag. Hopefully it won't take too long (I've heard it can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks?!). I also have a gift card from them that I picked up at the private shopping event last week. Now I need to force myself to buy something else hahah. This probably relates to my previous point but I'm having the hardest time buying clothes these days. I usually only buy something when I REALLY love it. In the past, I always find 3-5 things I REALLY love whenever I go to Holt Renfrew, but my past few times there I found nothing. I don't know if it's just me or their selection of clothes is getting worse now. The only brands I like these days are Clover Canyon, AQ/AQ & Smythe. Hopefully their new collections came in.

Christian Louboutin nail polish
Christian Louboutin nail polish - $58

Holt Renfrew washroom selfie Louboutin Beauty
Watermark patio
Last Monday afternoon..lunch with my mom at the Watermark patio!

Watermark patio
& Hennessy watching the food

Watermark food
Toronto harbourfront
Chateau Laurier Zoes Lounge
Zoes Lounge Chateau Laurier
Last week in Ottawa. Slider burgers at the Chateau Laurier lounge



  1. I know exactly what you mean! I was addicted to accumulating clothes, shoes and accessories but at some point it just didn't make me happy or excited. Nowadays I also prefer to pay for experiences and quality time with friends. I don't do impulse buying anymore and I only get something if I know that it will be useful for several seasons.

    1. yes exactly! Good memories and experiences are priceless ;)


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