407. Dinner at Canoe

Toronto Canoe menu
Another dinner at Canoe..starting with a photo of the view and their new white menus. We sat at the chef's rail this time, facing the kitchen and watching the team prepare all the meals.

Canoe kitchen
Canoe amuse bouche
Amuse bouche..a variety of tomatoes and cheese.

Licorice Infused Watermelon Canoe
I ordered the "Licorice Infused Watermelon" appetizer to start, as I love watermelon and the description sounded very interesting (with charred lobster, marscapone, fennel and pickled rind). I had no idea what it would be like but that's one of my favourite things about Canoe..the presentation is always unique and everything turns out delicious. This was served on this slab of marble (?) atop 3 hockey pucks.

Canoe Intermezzo
The intermezzo was like a very fizzy grape juice that melts in your mouth.

Risotto and creamed corn Canoe
I got the risotto (I loved it so much the last time I had it from the tasting menu that I had to order it again. Also got a side of creamed corn.

Canoe cheese
Canoe cheese
Cheese Plate. I'm not really into cheese that much actually..but the Glengarry Lankaaster was good.

mini donuts Canoe
view of Toronto
I will never get sick of this view!

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  1. The view is stunning and I also like the fact that you can see the chefs prepare the food! I can't remember when I last had a similar meal treat. It's about time I had one.

    1. I've never sat at the chef's rail before. The only other times I've seen food prepared in front of me was at teppenyaki places lol

  2. The view is just incredible and the food looks so good


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