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Toronto Financial District
These yearly holiday tree lights have just gone up around my area. I always love seeing them, but it also makes me sad because it means winter is almost here once again - already. I'm pretty lucky my building is connected to the underground path which means I don't even have to step foot outdoors to get to most places unless absolutely necessary (actually I'm in there most of the time during warm weather as well..). I would like winter a lot more if I had Christmas/New Year's plans already though.

1 King West elevator selfie
My entrance + elevator selfie

Hennessy Hennessy
My building has been going through a complete renovation. They finished my floor about a month ago. I love our new shiny black floors! Apparently my floor is the only one that has black though..all the other floors got non-shiny grey tiles which doesn't look as nice, in my opinion. The manager told me everyone voted to have grey but they decided on black for one floor just to see how it looked..I'm glad they chose mine lol.
& on the right side is Hennessy hiding in a blanket. I couldn't find him anywhere once night. He wasn't in any of his usual sleeping spots..then I saw him peeking out at me from the laundry pile. He wrapped himself up pretty nicely!

Gatineau Park
Gatineau Park
Gatineau Park during a recent trip to Ottawa (& Quebec)

Casa Imperial e11even
Dim Sum lunch with my mom at Casa Imperial + media lunch at E11even (blog post on this coming soon!)

Toronto Brookfield Place



  1. I don't have any NY plans either! But I don't mind just spending the evening at home and watching some shows. Since I've been quite busy recently, I wouldn't mind having some time off for myself.

  2. You are so lucky not needing to go outside to face the cold!


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