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OPI Infinite Shine To Infinity and Blue-Yond

In the photo above, my nail colour is OPI Infinite Shine "To Infinity and Blue-Yond". You can probably guess what my favourite colour is. & the snow in the circle down below is this pile right here:

Commerce Court in winter
This sums up the weather for the past week. Lots of snow and freezing temperatures..-30C most days. :(

Yakitori Kintori
Yakitori Kintori
Yakitori Kintori
Kinton black sesame pudding dessert
One of the companies I work for shoots Google Business View (in other words, Google Street View for interiors) for businesses, so I'm always discovering new places and restaurants especially. The first photos above are from Kintori Yakitori..a Japanese Izakaya style place where most of their menu items are served on skewers. In the last photo is a black sesame pudding dessert from Kinton (known for their ramen noodles)..I totally forgot to take photos of the food. It was actually my first time ever eating ramen at a restaurant. It was so good. They're both our clients which I discovered a couple months ago and had been wanting to try out.

San Pellegrino Aranciata Rosa
My favourite drink! I usually never buy drinks for home..I only drink water or tea but I love these.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine



  1. The teal is so pretty!!
    I love the blood orange San pellegrino too, have you tried lime??
    Omg those squid looks so good!!! :O

    1. No I haven't tried lime..I tried a couple others but the only one I like is the Aranciata Rossa one!

      The squid was actually the one we disliked the most out of everything hahah.

  2. That food does look delicious! Love your Fendi - so smart.


  3. Love your nails! One of my best friends is currently in Toronto. He went there on Monday and is leaving again tomorrow. I should travel there as well one day!

  4. The Japanese food you tried looks so delicious. I would like to try it one day soon when all of these snowing is over!

  5. Great photos! And I love going to izakayas! The food looks so delicious!

  6. Every time a new delicious adventure! Kiss kiss dear! xxx


  7. great photos
    loving all the blue :D


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