Tower Prestige Suite at One King West

King Street Toronto
My building has been undergoing for the past couple years. All the hotel suites had been renovated to a new and more modern style. I was curious to try out one of the new units..especially this one with the jacuzzi, so a couple weeks ago I got one of the Tower Prestige Suites for a special occasion! There are 2 of these suites in the hotel, at one of the very top floors; one at the tip of the South end and the other on the opposite side for a North view. My own condo has a South view so that's the side I prefer (with a view of the lake, CN Tower, etc). I had the South Tower Prestige Suite at first but then switched to the North..so you'll see photos from both units here.

Since I live here it's kind of difficult for me to give a proper hotel review like I normally do..actually it was a bit strange to go through the usual check in process at front desk as I didn't really feel like an actual hotel guest lol. Needless to say, I do recommend One King West if you are looking for a hotel to stay in Toronto. The new units are really beautifully furnished, with amazing views and the Tower Prestige Suites are perfect if you are looking for a romantic getaway!

Tower Prestige Suite One King West
This is one of the hotel's photos. The main sitting room/kitchen area

Suites at One King West
The suites have a separate bedroom with a very comfortable king sized bed

1 King West kitchen
One King West kitchen
The kitchen area.
All have stove tops, mini fridge, washing machine, dryer, etc. Perfect for long-term stays and of course permanent stays.

view of Toronto
One King West hotel south view
1 King West Hotel
Amazing views over the city!

One King West washroom
One King West Jacuzzi suite
My favourite part - the washroom & jacuzzi!

One King West Suite
view of Toronto
Toronto view
view of Toronto
1 King West Hotel
1 King West Hotel Jacuzzi suite
1 King West



  1. I could easily see myself living there :) If I ever visit Toronto, I'll stay at your hotel!

  2. I'm from Toronto too, would love to check this place out. I've heard great things :)


  3. Great review! I'm staying there next week and I'm wondering which would be a better room, south or north facing? What do you recommend, they both look great.

    1. Hi Emily, I would recommend the South view! You can see the lake and CN Tower. Enjoy!

  4. This would be a dream come true for me! A suite with a view?! What more can anyone want!?

    Heba xx || The Heba


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