451. St. Jacobs Farmer's Market

St Jacobs summer market peaches
The weather here has now gotten very cold, very fast so I figured I should finish up all my summer posts soon. As always, summer went by so quickly this year. I really miss the hot weather.

On one of the last weekends of summer, my mom and I went to St. Jacobs Farmers' Market. It's a large indoor and outdoor farmers' market a couple hours outside of Toronto. They had so many fruits and vegetables on sale and everything looked so good. Here are some photos from the day!

St Jacobs Farmers Market
St Jacob's Farmer's Market
St Jacob's Farmer's Market
St. Jacobs farmer's market
St. Jacob's market
St. Jacob's summer market
St. Jacob's Farmer's Market
St Jacobs Market
caramel corn
St Jacobs market
St. Jacob's Rose's Lollipops
Rose's Lollipops
These lollipops were really good! I had so much trouble choosing which flavours I wanted. There were over 90 flavours.

St. Jacob's market honey
St. Jacobs farmers market
St Jacobs farmers market
farmers market St. Jacob's
The Olde Heidelberg House Waterloo Kitchener
pig knuckle Olde Heidelberg House
Olde Heidelberg House restaurant
Turkish Delight
Turkish Delight


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  1. I like the fact that there is food from all over the world. With 90 different lollipops to choose from, I would have had a hard time too making my mind up!


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