498. Recent Life

Pink Lemonade
Finally, here is a long awaited "recent life" post! Very overdue as it contains photos over the past few months. Basically everything from since I came back from my trip to Italy until maybe 2 weeks ago (yes I'm still behind lol - I have to split up the posts due to too many photos). I'm not even done posting all my Italy posts either. Once I am caught up with everything I want to start blogging more often and doing shorter posts, so this blog can be more like a diary again. We'll see. By the way I only recently realized it's already the middle of July now and we're already more than halfway through 2016. I've been so busy with work these days I haven't had much time for other things like hobbies and side projects, and it makes the time go by so fast for me. I'm working on trying to better manage my time and finding a good balance. After July should be better for me though..anyways here are a random assortment of photos found on my phone:

Toronto skyline
Toronto financial district
burrata cheese
Outfit Leftbanked
Toronto harbourfront
Fairmont Royal York Hotel
rainbow cake
High Park
Lobster poutine Market Street Catch
Tsujiri Matcha ice cream
Eggsmart waffle
Lake Simcoe
hanging flowers
Kinton Ramen vegetarian
Toronto dog beach
dog beach Toronto
dog beach


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  1. Would be great to see more frequent blog posts from you! I've had a bit of a blogger's block and I need to remotivate myself... Have a great weekend.


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