576. Suzhou | Din Tai Fung & Eslite Bookstore

I am way overdue for a new blog post, especially one from my Asia trip last year!! I am determined to finish the rest of the posts within the next 2 months before my next trip. I also really miss Asia and travelling in general, so until I'm able to go away again...it's nice to look back on my photos and reminisce.

During our days in Shanghai, it rained a LOT (we were at the tail end of a couple typhoons). On the rainiest day, we decided to do something indoors. My uncle brought my mom and I to Suzhou, which is a city beside Shanghai. I think we drove for about an hour. We were mainly going to visit Eslite Bookstore, which is more like a huge lifestyle department store than an actual bookstore. There were many floors and only one floor sold books actually. I really loved it there and wanted to buy so many things! Their products were all very unique and well designed. There were a lot of home products I wanted to get but everything was too big for me to carry home so I didn't get anything.

Eslite Suzhou staircase
Eslite bookstore
Eslite Suzhou
Eslite staircase
Karl Lagerfeld doll
Karl Lagerfeld Eslite
Din Tai Fung
For lunch, we ate at the famous Din Tai Fung which is known for having the best "xiao long bao" (see pic below). I don't really like xiao long bao in general actually, so I preferred the other side dishes we ordered which were all very delicious. However if you do like xiao long bao...you would love these as they are really good!

Din Tai Fung xiao long bao
Din Tai Fung
Din Tai Fung
Din Tai Fung
I love this drink! There's barley and some other things in there..whenever I visit Asia/Hong Kong especially, I order this at literally every restaurant we go!

Din Tai Fung
Din Tai Fung dessert
Dessert dumplings..yum!!

Din Tai Fung kitchen
Peeking into their kitchen

Florian caffe
I couldn't believe there was a Caffe Florian in Suzhou! The original one is in Venice (opened in 1720, aka the oldest cafe in the world) which I've never been to but I would always go to the one in London inside Harrods.

red Tesla X



  1. I like Din Tai Fung! I ate at the one in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands shopping mall :)

  2. I LOVE those animal book ends! I think they sell those at Chapters/Indigo here before but I was never able to shell out those dollars for bookends/decor. Caffee Florian looks so pretty! It's a shame you weren't able to buy anything due to the size, maybe next time!


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