580. Last Weekend

Gusto 101
Here is a very quick post from last weekend. I always say this but I'm going to try very hard from now on to make more frequent updates. I am so behind on my blog (about a month behind on my recent life posts and months and months behind on the vacation posts lol)..ahh. I probably make it sound like a chore but I actually enjoy blogging regularly because I can read back in the future. I just need to organize my time better and be more consistent with my posts.

So I wanted to post about my weekend because I had a lot of fun, and it was the night I introduced three of my closest friends to each other for the first time ever. This is something I never do/never done before. I usually see all my friends separately and never introduce them to each other unless we had all met at the same time. I have a few reasons for this but it's something I wouldn't do unless I knew for sure they would get along of course (which was true in this case). First I went with two of them to Gusto 101 for dinner. It was SO GOOD. I love their Regina Margherita pizza! We are definitely going to go back..the open industrial style in there also made it the perfect summer spot.

Gusto 101 Pizza
Gusto 101 Toronto

Then near the end of dinner one of my friends I hadn't seen in like 5 years texted me to meet up (he now lives out of town and was in Toronto for a night)...so I invited him out with us. We ended up walking to the harbourfront then sat at Amsterdam Brewhouse for some drinks and shots. It's our favourite patio by the harbour now - especially on the 2nd floor. We ended up patio-hopping until 2:30am and I took more polar bear shots, aperol spritz and sangrias than I should've hahah.

I can't wait for the rest of this summer. But our summer here in Toronto won't last for much longer unfortunately. Partly due to the fact that we don't get many hot days in a year...but also, my friends and I are all taking separate vacations this summer back to back/at different times so we would only have a few more weeks of summer together! But I am super excited for my vacation..



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  1. To be honest, I also prefer to see my friends separately but as Lux is so small, eventually everyone ends up knowing one another anyway...


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