671. Day 19 of 28 | Rome and Vatican City

Piazza di Spagna leftbanked
Early the next morning, we took a train from Monterosso to La Spezia to Rome. The last time I've been in Rome was only about 2 years ago so the city still felt pretty familiar to me. We were only in Rome for one night, mainly coming since it was the most convenient way to go to Greece afterwards. We just walked around the city, had lunch, visited Vatican City, then met up with my boyfriend's friend for dinner and then the Lazio soccer/football game (as he kindly got us tickets). It was my first time ever going to a game.

spaghetti in Rome
Rome Trevi Fountain
streets of Rome
watermelon granita
Delicious watermelon granita..I had two of them!

Vatican City
Vatican City leftbanked
Vatican City guards
pizza Rome
Rome Lazio
Lazio soccer game


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