674. Day 24 | Hiking Skaros Rock + Road to Oia

Santorini leftbanked
The next day, we decided (attempted) to hike up Skaros Rock. It was a very hot and sunny morning and I lost count of how many steps we walked up and down to even get to the base of the Rock. When we got to the bottom of that big chunk at the top, we found out there was no path to get to the top. You would have to vertically rock climb up and down. Needless to say, we didn't do it and ended up just exploring the rest of the area.

Skaros Rock
Santorini church
We found this church that seemed abandoned. It was nice to explore with nobody else around.

Santorini Church
After going around Skaros Rock and back, we were completely exhausted. It wouldn't have been as strenuous of a hike if it wasn't 30C+ though. We had to get back to the hotel for a quick rest before the next activity on our list that day: the hike to Oia.

Santorini wedding
We stayed at Imerovigli, which was about a 3 hour hike to Oia. There was a lot of uneven terrain, and the path was all loose gravel, so it wasn't the easiest walk. It was extremely exhausting as well especially in the heat, and we ended up arriving way later than we had wanted (to catch the sunset). I forgot at which point I took this photo but I believe it was about 20% of the way there. Oia is that cluster of white buildings on the tip of the island.

There wasn't really anywhere to stop and rest along the way. Luckily we found this taverna (which we later realized was the only place to eat along the way). I'm not sure how/if we would have survived the entire way if we didn't stop here first hahah.

Greek Taverna
Greek kebabs
Of course we ordered kebabs. They were really good.

Road to Oia
Then we continued our journey. Some parts felt like we were in the desert.

view over Santorini
Imerovigli to Oia
Santorini Church
Road to Oia
Road to Oia
Road to Oia
The second rest stop. Ice cold lemonade never tasted as good.

Road to Oia
The final stretch! The path became like this.

Oia Santorini
Finally arrived in Oia!! This is the most popular part of the island to watch the sunset, so by the time we arrived (~15-20min before the sunset), the good spots were already flooded with tourists. We managed to catch a glimpse of it. After that we just walked around a bit, had dinner then took a cab back to our hotel. We ended up coming back to Oia the next day, earlier, so that we could get a good spot for the sunset. I will post the photos from the rest of this day and the next in the following post.


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