695. Iceland 2.0 | Exploring Vatnajökull Ice Cave

Vatnajokull leftbanked
Luckily the rain stopped the next day and it was sunny, yet EXTREMELY windy; the strongest winds I've ever experienced in my life. The photos look like the atmosphere was nice and calm but it wasn't lol. I actually thought I would blow away. According to our guide, this was the second day he ever experienced it being as windy (so it isn't like that all the time there). Even though it was freezing and I got soaked again, it was a fun experience.

We visited Vatnajökull National Park which included a large ice field and ice cave. We had to wear these things on our boots to walk in the ice cave:

moon boots
Vatnajokull Ice Cave
This is the opening of the ice cave, where we would walk into.

Vatnajokull Ice Cave
It was really cold and windy in there the entire time, with water dripping down. It did feel like we were on an extreme expedition lol.

Vatnajokull Ice Cave
Vatnajokull Ice Cave
Vatnajokull Ice Cave
Vatnajokull Ice Cave
Vatnajokull Ice Cave
At this opening, the winds and water/ice was so strong it was pretty painful as it hit my face.

Vatnajokull Ice Cave
This is the opening where we had to climb out of. The photo is taken looking up (it's not a straight walk across). There was a rope I hung onto on the side and rocks/ice to use as steps. I was so scared I'd slip and fall on the way up. Water was rushing down the sides and a huge splash went into my right boot.

Vatnajokull Ice Cave
Ice Explorers Iceland
This was the truck we rode on. It was a very bumpy ride around the ice field.

Iceland ice field
Iceland Vatnajokull
Iceland Vatnajokull ice field
There are two people in this photo (if you noticed) so you can get an idea of the scale


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