703. Peru Trip | Adventures in Paracas and Huacachina

Huacachina leftbanked despacito
We are currently in Paracas, leaving for Cusco tomorrow! We came over on a bus from Lima a couple days ago. The drive over was pretty interesting. We drove by a lot of small villages and slum-like areas. I like visiting/seeing places like these since they give a bit of a culture shock and I like seeing how different people live.

Our days here were spent doing different activities in the desert. It's my first time visiting a desert like this. I really loved it! & the activities were so much fun.

Peruvian slums
Scene from the drive over

drone over Paracas
We arrived in Paracas bus station. Our hotel/resort was just beside the station so we decided to walk over. It's in the middle of the desert though so there was a lot of sand and wind. During the few minutes we walked, my hair got all full of sand (actually it got full of sand each day we were here so far). In the photo above is a drone shot of Paracas.

mancha pecho
A regional dish called "Mancha Pecho" which roughly translates to "chest stain". I guess that means it's a messy dish.

Huacachina taxis
There were a lot of these on the road. I think most are taxis..maybe some are for personal use.

sand buggy Huacachina
The next morning we went on our Huacachina adventure. I was really looking forward to dune buggy-ing in the desert as I've never done it before. It was sooo much fun and an adrenaline rush to ride up and down the dunes. We stopped at a few points for photos/drone-flying and sand boarding. I really loved this day overall.

sand buggies Huacachina
drone over Huacachina
Ballestas Islands sea lions
This morning we had a tour around the Ballestas Islands, a series of islands full of wildlife (mostly sea birds, sea lions, and some penguins). We sailed around the area for awhile. It was interesting to see wildlife in their natural habitats. We only managed to see one penguin though.

mini buggies Paracas National Reserve
Then we got a mini dune buggy tour around the Paracas National Reserve. I really loved this!! I enjoyed it more than the sand buggy at Huacachina since this was a more different experience and more of an adrenaline rush. We drove around the reserve, surrounded by beautiful landscapes. There were some hilly areas where we went up and down on the buggy..so much fun!! I definitely recommend this if you come to Paracas. This wasn't a tour we originally considered but I'm glad we did.


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