840. Dubrovnik Part 2 | Walls of Dubrovnik

leftbanked despacito Dubrovnik
This post is a few months overdue. We are currently still in Tallinn, Estonia (where I've yet to make the first blog post of..) and have been here for almost a month now. It's November and the weather is quite cold and rainy these days. Like 10 degrees max. Last year we managed to avoid full blown winter weather as our winter months were spent at Canary Islands, Morocco then Thailand. I miss the heat actually lol. Those days seem like so long ago. I don't mind winter and snow so much but I don't like rain. I also don't have a proper winter coat or snow boots with me on this trip so I'll probably need to buy some if the weather gets very cold. I've always wanted to visit Lapland (Finland) or northern Norway during winter to see the Northern Lights. Will see if we have the opportunity to go this year. Then I will really need some new Moon Boots lol.

I'm currently trying to extend my stay in the Schengen area (under the "Digital Nomad Visa" program). As a Canadian I can only be here 3 months out of every 6 months cycle. So my time is supposed to expire soon if I don't receive an extension. I guess that will determine where we will be next.

Now I'm trying to wrap up my posts from months ago that I'm behind on. Here is Dubrovnik in the summertime. It was quite hot as you can see. The opposite of where I am now. Taking a walk along the "Walls of Dubrovnik" is the city's main attraction. You get the best views up there. I'm probably one of the last people to watch Game of Thrones but when we visited Croatia I wanted to finally watch it to see the scenes in real life where it was filmed. It took us a couple months to get through the series. I guess that's one thing that Dubrovnik is famous for now and reason for their boost of tourists these years. They had a lot of Game of Thrones merchandise stores. Dubrovnik was actually on my travel bucket list for a long time. I'm glad I finally got to visit! It is a really beautiful place with an amazing atmosphere - especially during the summer nights. It's also a very photogenic city. Everywhere you point the camera at would be a postcard-worthy shot.

Walls of Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Dubrovnik DubrovnikAs you walk along the wall you can peek into people's backyards and restaurant diners

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