33. Modern Luxury

So Louis Vuitton is one of my favourite brands now. I think it's because I've been reading so many books on luxury brands lately that I've developed this obsession with brands that have a long history and tradition..such as LV, Hermes, and Goyard. I don't like the monogram stuff except the trunks. My favourites are vernis, azur and damier graphite ♥ Lately I've been thinking about my list of "must-buy" items. 
A few of these items include:

One of these trunks, but I want a custom-made one in Damier Azur. I just lovelovelove Azur. Andddd I want my initials painted on there. I was looking into having something "custom-made" or "made-to-order" and to get a trunk made for me in Azur would take about 8 months. If anyone were to randomly surprise me with one, it would really be the BEST gift I would ever receive; even if I could afford one it would be so annoying having to wait so long. But if someone were to secretly get one for me and keep it a secret for 8 months..then surprise me with it..ah it really would be the ultimate gift. Unfortunately I know that would NEVER happen though - I can't ASK someone for it because then it won't be a surprise. & how many people know me well enough to know I want a custom trunk? Plus they're quite expensive.
Moving on.

I also love damier graphite, even though it's part of the "men's" collection. I rarely see guys in Toronto using LV, let alone a graphite one. sigh. Future boyfriend: take this as a hint
The keepall is also on my list. An essential piece to any Louis Vuitton collections. 
I want this book too.
Now onto Goyard -- I want that trunk in white. I assume this should be cheaper than the $20,000 one I blogged about previously


  1. Omgosh. This post makes me wish I was a celebrity!
    I also don't like the Louis Vuitton monogram because of the fakes.

    The Goyard trunk and damier graphite are just LOVELOVELOVE!

  2. goyardddddddddddd. do you like any of their bags? i am in love with the FIDJI hobo but yeah i totally fail at getting designer stuff i just cave in and buy lots of high street stuff instead. saving is not my friend!!!

    merry christmas btw :D

  3. I don't know much about their bags lol I just love the trunks!!

    thanks, Merry Christmas to you too!!

  4. i love the damier canvas, i hope to get a keepall in the future too >.<

    i was reading your post from a couple days ago and you mentioned on how you got a check from doing online surveys?
    could i get that site? lol
    i could use some extra money since xmas drained my wallet >.>

    merry xmas btww

  5. mistereena@hotmail.com

    =] thnx!

  6. i just picked up the ebony demier keepall yesterday!!! i love it!


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