103. Thanksgiving with the Brits

Happy Thanksgiving!! So today..I had some much-needed retail therapy with my mom. She came downtown and we went to the mall. After the mall closed she went back to suburbia and I headed back to 1KW. It was around 7pm when I went for dinner at EPIC/Royal York with those Brits I met a couple weeks ago. I didn't expect to be spending Thanksgiving with them but it was nice.
This year I'm really thankful for everything in life. I wouldn't change anything about it.

I always have to discreetly take photos if I'm with people I barely know lol.

Stuff from Michigan last week

Alice + Olivia blazer

My favourite photographer, David LaChapelle

Defacing government property

What I draw when bored in class.


  1. Loove the outfit! You should consider being a personal stylist or something :P
    Erg... midterm tomorrow. Don't want to study :'( The text is so boring!

  2. thanks hahah
    yea I studied all day..now its 2:15am & I should go to sleep


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