104. Vodka Freezer

Went to Pravda last night with my friend + this other Japanese man we met awhile ago. I don't think I'd ever turn down going to Pravda, even if it was 1am on a school night. Fortunately I had my astronomy essay done already and I didn't have to wake up extremely early this morning..

One of the bartenders there brought my friend & I into their vodka fridge. That was my first time inside..I'm not sure if they let just anyone go in at anytime. It was pretty cool in there..sooo many nice looking vodka bottles. I want to collect them.

So since I talk about going to Pravda so often & have only been able to take crappy cell phone shots, here's what it really looks like. Images taken from their site. Their decor is pretty over-the-top-Russian. It's always dark in there though so even I've never seen this place in bright lighting like from these photos..


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