127. perm zitronengelb

Pravda happening way too often these days..



  1. oooh, how did you do you velvet? it looks so soft!
    and how did you do your patent? i am seriously clueless about that one.

    ALSO, where did you get the leggings in the last picture!!! i've been looking for a pair of nice slashed leggings but haven't come across a pair yet.

    haha sorry for the comment with so many questions..

  2. lol just try blending all the shades together..I used a lot of water & kept layering it. For patent I used masking fluid for the white areas and just painted over it in black.

    That was from the area beside The Room at The Bay. I think the brand was Daniel Lerner.. he makes really nice leggings.

  3. For the legging I think it's David Lerner cus I've seen his (mostly leggings) at HR downtown as well.

  4. Hello there. I figured it was time to let you know that I have been blog-stalking you for quite some time now. (I swear I'm not creepy!) I'm not sure how I found your blog, but you fascinate me.

    My dream is to be in fashion school, though I doubt I'll ever make it there...so for now I'll just keep wishing [: lol. I'm so jealous of you, really. Haha.

  5. hey,
    Glad to hear you like my blog! Good luck with getting in..I'm glad you'll be able to if you want it bad enough :)


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