124. VIP Thrills

The Audi R8..
Earlier tonight there was an auction at my building's penthouse, hosted by VIP Thrills. I went to go check it out (mainly because it was in the penthouse). Lots of good-looking men there too ;]
Here's the Press Release I found.. judging by that it seems like the penthouse is currently owned by Sotheby's?! I have a thing for Sotheby's properties. I also picked up one of their real estate catalogues at the auction..I've been looking for one of them since FOREVER - I've seen it online but didn't know how to get them to send me one. Gives me motivation to someday find a way to own a 80 million euros estate.

This is the world's oldest hockey stick (valued at about $4 million). I can't imagine anyone who would buy it though. Actually I'm not even sure how many things they sold at the auction by the end- there was a lot of hockey related stuff..& some art pieces but none of them were extremely amazing. The auction had open bar - I tried something called a Royal Canuck Cocktail? Such a Canadian event.

After that I went to look at one of the other penthouses that's on sale now. I've been wanting to go up there for a long time.. I didn't know they furnished it already though. But it actually isn't that nice..I think the layout and interior decoration could've been way better. My favourite part is the bathrooms.



  1. Hi there! I was one of the four models at this event... I was wearing a wonderful piece by greta constantine! I've been searching for photos of the event and can't seem to find them (couldn't find them on vipthrills.com). Where did you find these photos? I really did want to see photos of me wearing greta...doesn't happen often!! :)
    please let me know, hun.
    (p.s. post after mine, and I'll check up on it, hoping for a response)
    thanks so much!!

  2. hey! I loved what you guys were wearing..really cool. I took these pictures myself actually - didn't take any of the models though. I'm sure the VIP Thrills site will have some up soon though, since there were so many photographers there.


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