143. Guilin | Li River

Third Guilin post in a row..starting to feel like I'm being productive with these vacation photos! The photo above was taken when we were inside the bus. The hotel we stayed at was located in the city centre/downtown so we had to drive quite a bit everyday to visit some other places, as most of the "attractions" of Guilin are the nature, river cruises, etc. I always looked forward to driving through their beautiful countrysides.

Guilin is very mountainous. One early morning, we visited this park at the foot of a mountain.

Those men sitting there were all playing music..I really felt like I was in a movie at this moment because they were playing that traditional Chinese music you always hear in old movies (like background music in Chinese films). Very serene and peaceful atmosphere.

Then we walked alllll the way up the mountain to take in this wonderful view. All I remember was that there were a LOT of steps. Tiring but it was worth it.

Then driving again..we saw lots of homes/food places like these along the way. Are these considered slums? Don't mean to sound ignorant but I previously received a rude comment when I referred to them as that..
I was thinking if buildings like these were in Toronto they would most likely be boarded up or abandoned. But here, people actually live in these buildings. I guess these places would be like the equivalent of our suburban areas. I find it interesting to see how people in other parts of the world live. Really puts things into perspective.

Next we went on a cruise along the Li River. This is considered the most famous landmark of Guilin (though personally I don't think it's all that special) It's supposed to resemble an elephant & its trunk.

I took so many photos on this river cruise but my photos do not do it justice at all, so I'm going to suggest you CLICK HERE to get a better idea of what it looks like. I don't want to show my bad-quality photos as you'll get the wrong impression lol

After that we went to a tea tasting and lunch:

Some more photos from when we were on the road. I couldn't resist taking photos every 5 seconds! Hope you're enjoying all these posts :D


  1. I went to Asia (Hk, mainland China and Japan) last year for a month too. I <33 HK and Japan! Really want to go back but unfortunately im stuck in Toronto this summer. Unlike you, i didn't take a lot of pictures when i travelled in Asia. Really regret it now -.- I would definately enjoy looking at the pics u took in Tokyo ;)

  2. ohh nice..that's cool that you're from Toronto too! (do we know each other?)
    yea from previous experiences I always regretted not taking enough photos so this time I took pictures of like everything & anything, got as many souvenirs as I could and kept a "travel journal" just so I will always remember everything lol


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