141. Guilin | Snapshots

I am so so so slow with these vacation photos from Asia. Here's another one of Guilin. Every single time I go to a new city (NOT in North America) there's always that initial "shock" -- or more like, a surreal feeling like I'm in a dream or something. It's the best part about travelling. I've seen lots of pictures and seen movies about China, but it doesn't compare to actually being there. The entire bus ride to our hotel, I pretty much blocked out everything else and just stared out the window in awe.

I wrote this part when I was there: "Apparently their yearly salary here is like $2800 yuan/about $500 cdn? I feel like giving them money. It's good to know I can so easily give them a month's wage but it also leads me to wonder..does it even matter? They seem to have a good life, if you don't compare it to other parts of the world. It's just a different way of living and money has nothing to do with it

We drove through some of the poorest areas of the city (or even all of China). I kind of felt like I went back in time because of the way the people were dressed and their simple lifestyles of mainly just farming. It's like they never advanced themselves to modern life (as we know it)."


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  1. yea but they have a really different and simple lifestyle there. They do a lot of farming so they have enough to eat..and to be honest I'm not sure if they have many other expenses lol. Some of them have little houses, I'm not sure how much they cost. In another village we visited up on a mountain..they built their own homes. They life really simple lifestyles so I'm not sure if they need much money to maintain it lol


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