153. Toronto | G20 Riot Police

This post is long overdue..but here are the rest of my pictures I took during the G20 Summit here last week. The photo above (which I didn't take..forgot where I got it from) is right in front of my building. My building is on the left, the one with the flags on it. I just stayed by my place the entire weekend since I didn't want to get caught in any protests. There were a bunch of riot police around throughout the day, all around the perimeter of my building. I took some photos of them:

Across the street..suddenly an entire squad appeared from the alleyway

They started going down the street & told people to clear the road, as this woman ran up for a shot

At night: my front doors

From the back entrance..a lot of the residents from my building were standing here observing.
This whole thing was a bit chaotic but I'm glad I experienced it.

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