152. World Cup 2010 Semifinals

I haven't been blogging much lately because I've been too preoccupied by the World Cup!! I realized how much I'm gonna miss it when it's over :( I've been going to different bars to watch the matches..I'm really happy because my 2 teams (Germany + Netherlands) made it to the semis!! I think they're both gonna make it to the final. I've said it from the start so I'm not bandwagon-ing or anything hahah.

This morning's Germany-Argentina game was amazing! I watched it in my lobby where there seemed to be mainly German fans. Like a friend of mine said, the good thing about watching the World Cup in Toronto is that there are a bunch of fans for every team. The Germans are soo good this year. I think they've been scoring 3+ goals in every single game (except one when they lost). Then my friend Sunny & I went to Beer Bistro for the Spain-Paraguay game.

Some other random photos taken recently:

Makeup haul!

House of Holland Super Suspendeer Tights!!

New Moleskine drawing


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  1. hey, thanks for your comment! i've been slow on blogging/replying since i've been preoccupied by the world cup as well! glad to know you're a fellow germany fan too!! germany for world cup 2010 :D what an exciting game against argentina last night!



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