168. Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche last weekend - the clown heads were wedged between the buildings across from me

Brookfield Place

The World Press Photo exhibit is on at Brookfield Place again!! I always look forward to it. All the photographs are really powerful and always amazing. Every year I spend over an hour looking at them all. Maybe I'm weird but the "disturbing images" are always my favourites to look at. You learn so much about the world through these.

Nice drive through the countrysides with my dad recently..

O&B on Front then Hpnotiq shots in my lobby bar


  1. I went to the photo exhibit with you last year? lol no they're not the same..they have new ones each time. you should go check it out!

  2. Winner of the Plastichic watch!
    email me your address.


  3. Oh good!! I was wondering why you've stopped the Hpnotiq pictures..! I need to have a Hpnotiq with you soon time. Maybe beginning of Nov? If you're up for it?

    I've been to the Keg Mansion once (like 4 yrs ago) and I had no idea it's supposed to be haunted. Oops. I guess I didn't experience it fully! haha

  4. Yea for sure! Just let me know anytime you wanna go!

    Lol yea it's pretty nice.. I wanna go again someday to check it out more


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