169. the cons are there are no pros

Photoshoot with my friend in my ballroom

Last Friday night, there was some kind of "private event" in my building's ballroom. I met a guy at the lobby bar (let's call him Mr. Nikolai) and we were talking about going up and he said we should try to talk our way in. I didn't think we'd be able to get in but I just went along to see what he'd say to them when they asked us why we weren't on the guestlist. So we were at the entrance, he whispered something into the girl (with the guestlist)'s ear and she let us in! I was surprised hahah.

It was amazing up there..the night was so surreal, like it felt like I was in a movie. We also made wishes to tie up in the wishing tree. At first I was gonna put that I wished for an Hermes Birkin...but then I looked at some of the other wishes, and mine would've been WAY too materialistic in comparison lol. I wish my Blackberry was able to take better quality photos in the dark.

Woke up & saw these on my window. Scared the %#*(^%#@&(&!%@$ out of me!!!


  1. Dude, you have to share what the guy said to the hostess to get her to let you guys in!!

    It's great that you got out to vote! I found the ballot confusing to fill out hahaha... I was so used to marking the X!

  2. lol he wouldn't tell me..

    hahah really? you just draw a line =P

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