181. Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy I

A couple days ago..I finally got the one thing I've been wanting for the LONGEST time, ever since I could remember (like when I was 5?). I'm sure if you have me on Facebook/Twitter/know me in real life, you would already know what it is. :) So here's what happened that day..

The place we were going to was about 2 hours away. I had to keep this as a secret from my parents (for now) so my sister's BF agreed to drive. It was a fun day - I haven't been out of the city in such a long time. & I love roadtrips. First we stopped at this fish & chips place. lol it was such a cute little restaurant. Look at the carpet!

We stopped in a small town called Cambridge to check out their antiques market. I love visiting places like this! The town was quaint with a lot of historic buildings.

Then we drove on........

To pick up my new puppy!!!!!!

He is a cream Pomeranian :D I named him Hennessy (after LVMH)
I'm sure some of you remember Mucho - the Chihuahua I took care of for a month for a friend. It was so lonely at my place after I had to give him back (his owner came back from vacation)
Henessy is such a good dog - he follows me everywhere & learns really quick. His leash training took only 2 days & housebreaking him took about 2 as well. He's not fully trained but he's getting there. I took a LOTTTT more pictures, I'll post them in my next post!


  1. LOL I sometimes sleep like that. So cute! So happy for you :) that dog is so lucky to have you as an owner = from Small Town to King West is pretty awesome.

  2. hahah thanks!
    yea it's definately a huge change for him

  3. tres interessant, merci


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