182. Hennessy

I've been so busy with Hennessy this week..going around and getting all the things he needs, vet visits, etc. He probably has too many toys and treats. As you can see he's completely taken over my place with all his stuff!

When I got him I didn't even tell my parents because I wasn't sure if they'd let me have a dog. I've always wanted one though and was never allowed. So I just went and got him (with my sister). After a few days I finally told my parents and was REALLY relieved when they didn't really get mad about it lol.



  1. ur former neighbour2/21/11, 2:22 AM

    u got a dog?!? make sure u potty train it so it doesn't poop in the hallway, thx~ ... btw, ur room's a complete mess, clean it up!!

  2. Lol yes I did..& I remember 2 years ago you really didn't want me to. Come visit someday!!

  3. what a cute little thing!!! It must be exciting shopping for the little puppy and taking care of its every need. It's exactly like becoming a mother!

    Excuse a crazy influx of comments.. I'm catching up with my blog reading!

  4. yea it is exciting but a lot of work! lol I love shopping for him :D


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