189. 13 hours of lounge-hopping

Pictures from my day of lounge-hopping on thursday..I didn't get a few of the places because my Blackberry's camera sucks. Next time I should bring an actual camera.

First we were gonna go to the Thompson Hotel's rooftop patio but didn't end up getting up there so we walked along King St and ended up at Spice Route - well we were there a bit too early as you can see..so we left and went to Brassaii !


As we left Brassaii it started raining. Since I'm so high maintenence I asked my friend to go back home for his umbrella while I waited in LCBO lol. All this Fruli made me very happy..

Next stop: Rosewater Supper Club .

A couple hours later (we took a short break) we went to Stirling Room. It was my first time at this place. The decoration in there was pretty cool..we came around 7pm, it was kind of dead here. Actually, completely dead. But we mainly came to meet some people

After Stirling Room, we went back to the other side of the city..went to a place called Cameron House but didn't stay because they didn't serve food! So we left and went to Rivoli to eat - biggest ripoff ever!!!! Never eating here again. Trust me..not worth it. Plus they don't even have servers.

Back on King Street West..back to Brassaii! We love this place

Then back to Spice Route! We went on the patio this time.

The "firking fire" - Spice Route is officially my new summer spot. It might just be the new Pravda..

But of course..no night is really complete without a final stop at Pravda hahah. I was so tired at this point.

Overall, it was a fun day/night - looking forward to more of these days during the summer!!! Next time we should just walk down the street and stop at every place along the way. Or maybe a patio-hop..


  1. Great photos ! Love this post.
    I really like your blog <3 Following U !

    Nicollette from:

  2. Awesome pictures. I hope you had fun. Did you know that they film lots of movies there. :) :) And a lot of wrap parties are held at Pravda.

    Tallulah Doll

  3. yes a lot of fun!
    movies where? & what are wrap parties? lol


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