188. Alexander McQueen | Savage Beauty

This is the book published for the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit opening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art tomorrow. Since I love/collect coffeetable books and I love Alexander McQueen, I HAD to have this. I was suprised at how fast it arrived - I ordered it on friday and it came yesterday (monday)!

The cover is the coolest thing ever. It turns from a golden skull into the face of Alexander McQueen..I attempted to take a video of it (posted on my FB) but found this video instead, which shows it much better:

& here's a few of my favourite pages from the book. I had to resist taking a picture of EVERY page lol:

Fall/Winter 1997

Fall/Winter 2001

Fall/Winter 1996

Fall/Winter 2010 (one of my favourite collections)

Fall/Winter 2010

Fall/Winter 2008 (another one of my favourite collections)

Spring/Summer 2010

Spring/Summer 2010



  1. Great Mcqueen book! Too bad he took his life, as he was one of my faves!

    Have fun with the book.

    Tallulah Doll

  2. yea same, he really was one of the best!

  3. Yesterday I came across this book called "Alexander McQueen Genius of a Generation". I am really impressed by his extravagant design.

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  5. Hi, great blog. You mentioned that you are into collecting coffee table books, and was wondering if you can share some other cool ones like this McQueen one? My girlfriend loves fashion and books like this, and I was looking to pick up some more like this for Christmas...any suggestions?

  6. what designers does she like? I may be biased but I really like the Louis Vuitton ones..I can post some photos later if you want. I have one that comes in a plastic case.


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