213. Spice Route

Spice Route for dinner last weekend with my mom and sister. We were literally the first ones there lol.

Indian spiced dips + naan

Singapore rice noodles/wok seared beef + spicy curry sauce, and sweet & sour pork/grilled pineapple + sweet peppers

Tempura banana, vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate drizzle & sesame praline

Entrance to Spice Route. I think this might be the first time I've posted decent pictures from here lol..the 84208230284 of pics I posted of this place before were always dark/from my phone

Entrance to the Ritz..passed by on the way to:

The Shore Club! I've been wanting to check this place out for so long and finally found someone to come with me last week. I think they are owned by the same company that owns Ki..?


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  1. yea I love it! we should go for dinner there someday :D


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