212. instituto marangoni

This past weekend I went to a global expo that was mostly about studying abroad. I graduate in less than a year's time, and have been thinking more and more about what I want to do in the future. I don't have enough energy to write a long post about it now, but long story short - for awhile now I have regretted studying fashion. I like fashion as a regular hobby but not enough that I want to pursue a career in it. The other industry I want to work in is tourism, so I'm considering going into that now. 

Although when I think about studying for a master's degree in the future, the idea of continuing on with fashion isn't completely out of the question. Depends on which school I go to. I think part of the reason why I don't like it as much now because the program my school has for fashion isn't exactly what I thought it'd be. I am more interested in the business side, but we don't have many courses related to that. So when I went to the expo, I got some info on Instituto Marangoni, a fashion school with campuses in Milan, Paris & London. 

So I got a bunch of brochures and realized it was probably a waste because if I were to continue on with a master's degree abroad, the top schools I'd like to attend are either Central St. Martins (obviously) or University of Monaco. THEN I got to thinking...is it even worth it to get more education??

Brassaii last weekend

King West Mag! It's a fairly new publication. I've been looking to get an issue when I first heard about it..and finally the other day I realized I can pick them up for free at my valet desk lol.



  1. whos pool is that? penthouse?

    thats pretty sick

  2. it's not my penthouse unfortunately...it's in another condo I visited last week

  3. Hi Tiffany I just came across this post about you mentioning Instituto Maragoni, I am actually a Hospitality graduate I have a Swiss Diploma in Hotel Management and this summer I just completed my Master's degree in International Hospitality & Tourism Leadership. A few months ago I came across the Maragoni brochure and was actually considering going for a second Master's in Luxury Brand Management. Fashion always was my passion. I know work for the school that I went to, if you like check out our website www.alpine.edu.gr and I will be more than happy to send you more information! PS we are in Greece and we have lots of cute guys ;-)
    xoxo ES


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