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234. I feel it for the first time

This week went by so fast. The major things that happened last week seem like just yesterday. & a LOT has happened this past week. My mood has gone up and down (in the extremes; either really happy or really annoyed) in the span of like, 3 days. For the most part I've been really annoyed with some people and stressed about school. But today I'm fine.
Sometimes I feel like I live life too fast. I'm not sure if you understand what I mean? I realized I get bored of things pretty easily, which is probably part of the reason too (for my previous point). I jump from one obsession to the next immediately, as soon as I find a replacement..sometimes this happens the day after.

Went to Ki again a few days ago with a friend I haven't seen in a long time to catch up on each other's exciting lives.

I don't remember the last time I came when I didn't order both edamame and sweet potato wedges. They really have THE BEST sweet potato wedges here!

I come to this place in the PATH a lot, it's called deKefir; mainly a frozen yogurt place. I've actually never gotten their yogurt because I don't like how it tastes..but I LOOOOVE the waffle!! I get one almost everyday.


  1. Cool pics!!!! Thanks for your comment!!! xoxo from Rome

  2. wow, really nice pictures!!! love the selection. but on the right side here in the blog, i love the little dog picture- so cute <3
    wish you a wonderful weekend.
    visit me if you have a second :)
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  3. Nice pictures, I really like that shoes haha :). Thanks for your comment, how did you find my blog? (sorry, i'm curious haha) I follow you!

  4. wow your shoes are FABulous! xx

    The Londoner

  5. the bag and the shoes on the second photo are perfect *.*
    love them!!

  6. thanks for visiting ldotcdot! i hope my tips were useful for you! hope to see you stop by again.

    xoxo, LC

  7. Yumm the food looks delish!

  8. I get what u mean! I'm the same, get bored dead easily and looking for new thrills everytime! we're a bunch of weirdos lol

    great post btw

  9. great photos, look like fun!
    i love the shoes, they have such a great color combo!


  10. you have the louis vuitton bag that i want!!! soo pretty, i love the vernis! i think it will be my next purchase :)

  11. Great photos, look amazing! Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower.

  12. I love Ki! They have amazing sushi :) Mmm, def gonna try the sweet potato wedges next time! Ahh and those shoes! that bag! Both gorgeous :) awesome post!

    xoxo Ally

  13. My friends think I am crazy because I really love Edamame toooo!! Haha. Love the heels in the second pic.

    All love Lola


  14. nice pictures, i love your colorful shoes! they look awesome! check out my new blog, tell me how you make your striped shirts look trendy again and see what I suggest !! follow each other? :)

  15. hehe funny shots love, i also saw the picture with ur lovely dog. he is coool or she maybe:)

  16. Thank you for your comment on my blog!
    You've been only briefly in Helsinki? You should come back here with time!

    E from Helsinki

  17. Thank you for ur comment hun

  18. cute!!!

  19. I have these moody 'episodes' too! And its not even that time of month! It prob is mainly due to stresses and just other things. I love the shoes hehe and snap we have the same VAIO mines the black one hehe vaio sisters =P I love your heels and ive never tried endamame before whenever my bf and i get sushi its always the raw stuff. I start Uni at the end of this month so...stress time for me soon OX

  20. Looks like so much fun! those shoes are gorgeous, and i totally understand how you feel about the whole up down mood thing, i"ve been that way as well, it sucks :/

  21. i know how you feel about school! do you go to ryerson for fashion?


  22. I checked on the site of UNESTABLISH!
    It is so cool and chic!!!!!

    akiko in Tokyo

  23. cool~ I think you were in my research methods class last semester!

  24. Great blog! Would you like to follow each other :)? just let me know!
    xxx -S.

  25. Cool pics! And beautiful heels and bag <3 I'm so in love with that accesories!!!

    Lovely blog! I like it! I follow you :D

    Kisses from Spain!!!

  26. thanks for visiting my blog, i am following you back ;)

  27. LOVE those heels!

    From Brooklyn with love,


  28. Great pics!!! Love those shoes is second pic:)

  29. The shoes in the 2nd photo look amazing, and the place looks great!
    Than you so much for commenting on my blog!

  30. Lovely!

    Your shoes and bag is Yumm

    Thanks for the comment hun..

    I really like your blog. Followed you.

    Would you like to do the same?

    <3 Una

  31. dear Tiffany,,,,

    thx for your visit and comment...

    You´ve a great Blog...

    Now I´ll follow you as google friend . If you like do the same.

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  32. shoes areeee amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  33. thnkyou for comment on my blog dear!! anw,i love ur colourfull heels!xx

  34. Hey girly! I totally know what you mean about living life to fast and always thinking about "tomorrow" but forget about today =( My bf always points this out, especially when we're on vacation , I'm always saying things like " I can't wait for us to go xxx tomorrow" lol it's so bad but I've learned to slow down a bit, it's not easy though! That also happens with my hobbies and shopping addiction, I had a crazy LV craze over the summer that I'm glad I'm a little bit over now! I hope you're doing well dear and school isn't stressing you out too much! I'm also glad something good happened! =D


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