239. PDAC 2012

I've been sooooo busy this entire week with PDAC and school stuff. It was a lot of fun though, as always! I think every year gets better and better. I met up with/bumped into people I've met during the previous PDACs & met a bunch of new people as well, mainly from Vancouver (which was perfect because I'm still in the Van-phase) & some foreigners. Literally went to bed at about 6am every night..it took me the past few days to fully recover. Actually I might still be recovering.

We went bar/lounge/event-hopping each night. I loved the first few nights, then by the last night I was so exhausted I was actually relieved it was over. I really wanted to network this time and was able to meet some really important contacts/got some great advice so I'd say it was a successful PDAC lol.

I don't take as many pics as I used to anymore..so to sum up half of what happened, in photos:

Ballroom at Royal York - the awards night

This was my favourite night..going to the Royal York hotel suite parties. There was a different party in each suite on one of the floors, each with open bar/food.

EPIC Bar at the Royal York. Came here every night..

C Lounge - I think this was Sunday night. This was the "main party" that night - it was crazy packed!! I have NEVER been to a club before that was as busy as that place was. Surprised I made it home in one piece.

The Library Bar at Royal York - came here every night too, as the last (or 2nd last) stop.

It doesn't look like it from this pic but it was always really packed in here too.

& the night I got home starving..decided to order room service and got this HUGE plate of almond crusted chicken. It was good but it's like a meal for 5 people?! The fries are covering half of it..I don't think it's possible this is a single meal. Each piece of chicken was really big..it took me about three days to finish it all hahah.

So that's PDAC. Now back to regular life & hopefully a more normal sleep schedule. I'm still going to need some more time to catch up with everything..the rest of this month will be REALLY REALLY BUSY!!


  1. I'm sure you have great time :)

    love from


  2. I wonder what PDAC is :P sounds like a fun community to be part of it!
    Anyway I'm glad you are having a great time!


  3. Such beautiful and dreamy photos. I feel almost like I were there. That's what I love about reading blogs :) I just posted about it too. Great post and love it! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  4. wow! look like you had an amazing time :D




    Today you can check my workouts in:


    XOXO from Munich

    La Vie Quotidienne


  6. Trade shoes are so great for networking, and hitting the bars afterward is definitely the best part! The food looks amazing and so do the drinks! :) I definitely know how exhausting they can be though. Hope you get some rest!


  7. Thanks for commenting on my blog! It led me to yours which is so fabulous that I'm now following! If you're not already, would love for you to follow me back! My blog is new and in need of some love!



  8. I love your blog! and also, I love Toronto. Been there once! Great city! Thanks for your nice comment! Maybe we can follow each other? xoxo

  9. Hi Tiffany,

    Great blog, love the photos! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment! Inviting you to follow on FB, bloglovin', Twitter and Tumblr! I'm following you too :-) xxx


  10. I follow u as well, my dear! :) Thanks! xoxo

  11. ohh the almond crusted chicken looks DELICIOUS! and ya that would feed me for like 3 meals

  12. Busy girl! :) Wish you all the best for the upcoming weeks! Love Mary Fashionbirds

  13. Haha! I think the meal may have been for 5 people, but how delish...I think I need a fry now! :)

  14. Oh my gosh! My dad used to go to the Prospector's Convention every year - for like, 50 consecutive years! I had the honor of taking him last year. It was his last one. He was literally living to attend the convention. He passed away from cancer two weeks later. I'm not trying to bum you out. It was an amazing experience. He used to be a baller and I had a chance to witness first hand what that convention meant to him...

    Thanks for taking be back ... You must have a BLAST! The ratio of men to women is certainly in your favor! I saw a lot of attractive men last year!



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