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I miss the Tube/London! This map was a life-saver..always led me back to one of my two most important places when I was there - my hotel or Harrods ;]
I'm going to take another short break from my vacation posts. Here's some photos of what I've been doing and where I've been eating since I came back:

Holts Cafe: inside Holt Renfrew, located beside their shoe department. I came here for lunch the day after I came back to Toronto. When I was in Europe I usually ate out at restaurants alone, and realized it's not as bad as I thought. So I'm trying to do that more here in Toronto - it's nice to have good food & unfortunately I don't always have people at my disposal to eat out with! Holt's Cafe is pretty casual and they have really good food. I got the chicken pot pie with a side salad. Delicious!

Another new obsession: French style cafes and restaurants with good brunch. It's rare to find ones I really love in Toronto, but here's two of my favourites at the moment.

Le Select: Came here for the first time last weekend to have brunch with my sister. I loved the atmosphere and the decor in this place. I got their Belgian Waffles - some of the best I've ever had! I'd definitely come back again.

La Societe: Came here with my friend while he had dinner & I had dessert: the espresso mille-feuille. I've been to this place a few times before and it's also one of my favourites in the city. I've tried their dinner and brunch and loved everything so far.

Bier Markt: I've been here many many many times already. They mainly serve Belgian/German food and have like 100 different beers. I came here yesterday with my friend to watch the Germany-Italy Semifinal match (we were both disappointed with the result) but at least I found a new favourite drink - the Swedish Mojito! I'm very picky with drinks..I only like drinks that are very fruity and don't taste like alcohol. Which is what this drink was. I also got the smoked chicken "Flammkuchen" (aka flatbread) which tasted amazing!

Swish by Han: I don't like Korean food so I may be biased to say whether or not this place is good, but I love their food presentation.

Pravda: You're probably familiar with this place if you've been following my blog for awhile. My favourite place to end the night.

PS - I think I'm going to start doing full restaurant reviews in Toronto.


  1. Now I have to visit Toronto! Everything looks so delicious.
    From Paris with love!
    Kristina recently posted.. My Red Carpet in Cannes.

  2. Great to read that you don't mind eating alone. It's not that bad after all. A good way not to miss out on excellent food! xo

  3. I would totally join you for any sort of food brekkylunchdinner xDD
    Food looks delish and i guess its good to be back home but im sure you'll be itching to get away soon enough!


  4. Beautiful photos, I am now feeling very hungry!


  5. I've never been in Toronto, it seems amazing city! Great photos!

  6. gorgeous pics my dear!

  7. Love you're blog, dear. I follow u :)
    Hope u follow back.

    A lot of kisses, honey.

  8. All this looks delcicus but Waffles <3 I lvoe them :D

  9. Great post, I love the holiday and restaurants reviews keep on that way, following you now by Gfc and bloglovin, my picture doesn't appear it will be one if the last.xo

  10. Nice photos, and the food looks so good!


  11. lovely post, great blog,
    I'm following you now. check out mine and if u like pls follow me back!


  12. great pics! i went to london for a week last summer and i miss it too :) i'd love to follow each other! i'll start first ;) xoxo jess

  13. I can't believe I finally know someone who doesn't like Korean food lol Not that I hate it but I don't crave it the way I crave other things like sushi. But I know loads of people that looooove Korean food.

    I actually have relatives over from Toronto right now and please do full restaurant reviews! So that if I ever make it to that part of Canada I'll know where to eat! =D

    Oh gosh, the walk up the arc was agonizing since it got sooo stuffy in them middle! I tell friends that if their claustrophobic to avoid it too lol I sort of regret not going up the Eiffel tower now since the view is so much different from the Arc. The only reason I didn't go up was because it wasn't included in my museum pass AND someone said that the view was similar -.-


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