251. Europe | Snapshots

Quick post - snapshots from every city I've visited so far (except for London because I already posted most of them) Can you guess where each is from? There is one photo each from Copenhagen, Prague, Munich, Lucerne, Zurich and Paris.

Paris is like a dream. It's my 2nd day here so far & I'm having such an amazing time. Since I arrived I met about 20 people already - it's even easier than in Prague lol. I've visited Paris before so this time my priority isn't on seeing all the regular touristy places (although I am spending every night by the Eiffel Tower..) I think it's more fun to meet the locals - I'm travelling by myself so it keeps me from being too lonely. I also think the best way to fully experience and appreciate a culture is with a local.

So I've decided for my upcoming posts I'm just going to jump from city to city - I'm not going to go in order, since I'm way behind on my blog anyway. I'll try to post more often from now on - enjoy!



  1. Great photos! Please keep sharing!

  2. love those pics girl!


  3. Wow Prague nice! I hope that you enjoyed your time in CZ :)

  4. hope you enjoyed Switzerland =)



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