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Tom Ford beauty
Going to take a short break from my vacation posts. Time is going by very fast these days (once again). It just hit me November/winter is just around the corner..which means Christmas and New Year's is coming up. I can't believe yet another year has gone by. Not sure what I'll be doing for the holidays this year but I'm making tentative plans already..

Here's some random photos of what's been happening in my life these days since I got back to Toronto a few weeks ago, starting with a surprise pick-up from the airport in this beautiful car:

White Bentley
Shangri-La Toronto fireplace
Great night at the Shangri-La hotel lobby

Shangri-La Toronto dinner
Shangri-La Toronto hotel Shangri-La Hotel
Shangri-La Toronto lobby Shangri-La Toronto dessert
Shangri-La Toronto tea
Canoe Toronto Canoe Toronto
The view from Canoe

La Societe Toronto
Croque Madame
La Societe Chocolate Surprise
La Societe for brunch

love Pomeranian



  1. Hi Tiffany, always happy to read your posts! Good to see that you're enjoying life back home. Can't wait to see your Paris pics!

  2. Welcome back! I always enjoy the Shangri-la there in Toronto. Enjoy,

  3. Omg when I saw that blonde guy in your photo my first thought was thinking of that mystery blonde boy from last year, around Christmas? Dunno why that popped into my head though =S That's so cute, they look like they're having a romantic moment hahahahaha Omg Hennessy's paws are so cue, ugh, gotta control myself before I get a small dog ><

    The food looks amazing, especially the dessert!! Nice car and sweet surprise! Did you end up getting any of the polishes?

    1. no that's not him..I'm not even sure I remember which mystery blonde guy you're referring to?! lol
      you should get a new puppy! ;)

      no I didn't..I really want a Tom Ford perfume though!

  4. Loving your surprise pick up from the airport! :) xoxo ES


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