392. 5 Days in Ottawa / Gatineau

Doubletree by Hilton golf course
Photos from my quick trip to Ottawa/Gatineau last week. We stayed at the Doubletree Hotel Gatineau-Ottawa. The burger & fries at their restaurant are amazing, especially when having it out by their golf course. I had it literally every single day we were there. The weather was perfect and sunny every day (except the last day when it was extremely hot - for my standards). On Friday, right when it was released, we went to watch A Million Ways to Die in the West. I had been excited to see this movie since I heard of it. It was good, but not as good as I had expected/hoped. Monday afternoon, we went for the afternoon tea at Chateau Laurier. The lounge there is very beautiful & the tea was wonderful..I'll be posting a separate review for it soon. Sat around the hotel pool a couple times (yes I just sat, as embarassingly enough..I don't know how to swim!). Took a walk in the forest where I came out with two very un-attractive mosquito bites the size of tennis balls on my legs. Luckily they've almost faded now. Watched movies in bed every night eating excessive amounts of Ferrero Rocher. Had a Beavertail one night. Other than that, I just worked. I don't remember if I ever mentioned on my blog what I do. At the moment I do PR/marketing/social media/etc for a couple different companies that I love. It's great being able to work from home with a flexible schedule..so hopefully more of these short trips to come.

Doubletree Hilton Gatineau Ottawa
Gatineau Quebec
Doubletree by Hilton Gatineau golf course
View from our room

Ekko de Brasil burger
Burger #2 (the nachos are not recommended)

Ekko de Brasil Doubletree by Hilton
Burger #3 (No shot of burger #4. In total I ate 4 burgers out of our 5 nights there)

Chateau Laurier Zoes Lounge strawberries Afternoon Tea Chateau Laurier
Ice wine marinated strawberries + afternoon tea (full review coming soon!)

Via Rail
Via-Railing back home. Saw the sunset & got a lot of work done on the way back, with almost the whole train to myself!



  1. Oh, I know how unpleasant mosquito bites can be. Looks like your hotel was in a very nice and quiet area. The food looks so good!

  2. Those burgers must have been amazing because I can hardly believe you had 4 of them! Then again, get them while you can right? Also it's a shame those nachos aren't recommended because when I saw them I thought they looked pretty yummy haha


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