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Daft Punk Bearbricks
I just spent the past hours editing a bunch of my Hong Kong photos, organizing them in different folders (for each blog post), trying to decide which order to post them in, etc..I had wanted to do a Hong Kong post tonight (as I didn't want to overload you with all Beijing posts back to back) but then I couldn't decide which set of HK ones to post first. Then I decided maybe I should do a few more Beijing posts before starting on HK..but I didn't have any more Beijing photos edited yet & it's getting late now/I am tired and have no time. But I was so set on making a post tonight, now I decided to just do a quick "recent life" post of photos since I got back. Who knew blogging could be so stressful lol. Sorry for rambling.

Here are the new Daft Punk Be@rbricks I got from HK! I had wanted these for a long time. Be@rbricks are nearly impossible to find here in Toronto, so I knew when I went to Hong Kong, I had to get one (or two). The ones I wanted the most were these ones..it wasn't easy tracking down a set, but I managed to find these in a toy boutique in Mongkok.

Daft Punk BearbricksBearbricks
Frame denim outfit
I also got these shoes in HK :D

Zaza Espresso Bar gelato
Lunch with my mom a couple days ago..then dessert at Zaza Espresso Bar in Yorkville

Cafe Hollywood Toronto Markham
Hennessy Pomeranian
Japanese Candy
Something else I got from HK - Japanese candy! These are actually soooooo good. Unfortunately I already finished them all. I actually didn't think they'd taste good or taste like anything special at all (I thought they were mainly for looks), but they are some of the best tasting candy I've ever had!! I wish I could buy them here.

Sunset Grill breakfast
Louis Vuitton Alma outfit
Burberry Trenchcoat
I love Hong Kong but one thing I really can't stand is the humidity there. It was extremely hot every day and being outdoors was like being in an oven. I was happy to come back to trenchcoat weather in Toronto.

CN Tower Toronto


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  1. The bears look so stylish and I would like to try this candy too. I know what you mean regarding the HK humidity. It's one of the reasons why I wouldn't be able to live there...


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