Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss

MUFE Artist Plexi Gloss

I received the Make Up For Ever "Artist Plexi-Gloss" a few days ago in Nude Beige/101. This lip gloss is available in 35 glossy shades and known for its shocking shine, excessive colour and stay-on power. Whether you are looking for a nude, coral, pink, red or arty shade, pearly or non-pearly, sheer or opaque finish..they have it!

I usually don't wear lip gloss/lip stick because I found most of them irritate my lips and I am allergic to most brands (for lip products). This one is different though. It stays on comfortably all day and I really love it. The shade I got was the perfect nude pink shade I've been looking for. The application stick also makes it very easy to apply.

Dany Sanz, the founder of Make Up For Ever, was inspired by her shiny Plexiglas makeup case to create this lip gloss.

Artist Plexi-Gloss has cracked the code of fabulous shine. The 360-degree reflective beads reflect the light to create a mirror-like shine of the lips.

Each tube has a Superflex applicator. One swipe over the lips is all it takes to lacquer your lips for up to 5 hours. The applicator is split down one side, so that it fills with gloss through a soft foam material. The flat side is used to roll the colour across the lips and draw the lip contour with precision, while the rounded tip fills the Cupid's bow.

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss ($23) can be found at Sephora!

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi Gloss


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  1. The colour looks nice. Would have been great to see it on you!


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