456. Kenzo Tiger + A Day Around Yorkville

Outfit Kenzo
I finally got a Kenzo Tiger sweatshirt! I've been wanting one for a long time but never found any colours I liked. Especially since there's also a very limited selection in stores here. I ordered this one online last week & I love it so much!! I want more in different colours now. I'm slowly building my Fall/Winter wardrobe..

Kenzo tiger navy sweater
Dynasty Dim Sum TorontoDim Sum lunch at Dynasty in Yorkville

Charbonnel et Walker chocolate
From the Christmas section at Holt Renfrew

Williams Sonoma Christmas
I love the Christmas products from Williams Sonoma! Can't wait to buy them this winter.

Williams Sonoma Hot Chocolate
Williams Sonoma gingerbread house
La Societe
La Societe
Dinner at La Societe

Toronto skyline at night
The view from the Park Hyatt Roof Lounge. I really love this place. It's a small and cozy rooftop bar at the Park Hyatt Hotel. It's usually very packed in there in the evening and hard to get a seat..we were lucky to get a couch beside the fireplace:

Park Hyatt Roof Lounge
Park Hyatt Roof Lounge Toronto
This couple across seemed to be on a first date. They were very awkward each other. As you can probably tell by the body language. It was interesting to observe their date.

Park Hyatt Roof Lounge
Park Hyatt Roof Lounge
Calamari and schnitzel sliders. The calamari was really good but spicy.



  1. I like the sweater that you picked! The food looks so good - I must visit Toronto one day.

    1. You should! I'd love to visit Luxembourg one day too


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