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Fairmont Royal York film set
Hello everyone! This post is long overdue. I thought of separating it into 2 since I have a lot of photos..but then decided on having it altogether in one big catch-up post. I think my new year's resolution will be to update my blog more often. Sometimes when I want to blog, I don't have enough photos or content to blog about but then I suddenly have way too much..

I really love all the Christmas decorations around the city, especially in hotels. A couple weeks ago I went by the Royal York Hotel to see if their decorations were up yet as I wanted to get some photos. It turns out they were filming something in there that day (hence the American flag & palm trees in this photo above).

Royal York Christmas
Royal York carvings Royal York hotel carvings
Royal York hotel carvings
They seem to have these carvings every year. I forgot what it's made of. This year they have these characters from "A Christmas Carol". I used to have that book and read it every Christmas.

Royal York Hotel Christmas
Dynasty Toronto dim sum
Dynasty Yorkville dim sum
My mom came downtown a couple weeks ago. I met her for dim sum at Dynasty. Then dinner at Nami:

Nami Japanese
Nami Japanese
Nami Japanese chicken teriyaki
Dean Delmonte salon OPI My Chihuahua Bites
Getting my hair done at Dean Delmonte Salon + my new favourite pink nailpolish (OPI's "My Chihuahua Bites")

Pomeranian Pomeranian
20151129_201158 caramel apple Rocky Mountain Chocolate
Dynasty Yorkville
Dynasty for dim sum again, when my bf came for a surprise visit last weekend

CC Lounge Toronto
Some photos from my company's holiday party at CC Lounge.
I took this photo pretty early and it was a Monday night so it wasn't that busy in there lol

CC Lounge
CC Lounge whiskey tunnel
Whiskey Sour
CC Lounge chandeliers
OB Canteen breakfast
Random late (4pm) breakfast I had by myself at O&B Canteen one day.

Toronto Financial District
Union Station Christmas Market



  1. The pictures are so amazing!:)


  2. I have never read a Christmas Carol although I have heard of it. Nice that you have had so many restaurant outings. With me it's the same, there are times when I don't have pics to share and others when something is happening every evening... Yes, please blog more!!!

    1. You should read it, or watch one of the films!
      At least you are able to post often and consistently though lol


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