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Toronto lights
I seem to be doing better with updating my blog this week. I finally have all my Christmas shopping done (I think). This year I put the most effort and spent the most on gifts for everyone. I didn't have that many people to shop for, but for each person I got like 2-3 things. & wrapping each gift is also a huge task. I wish I could post everything on here but I can't risk them seeing!

For this upcoming year I want to get back into blogging more, and I'm also working on a new travel website/blog. I had everything set up last year (2014) and registered the domain for 3 years (so it expires in 2017). But I never ended up doing anything for it..besides 2 test posts lol. So now I'm getting back into it and I actually really enjoy it. I will reveal it maybe in a month or so when I have it officially launched.

Lastly I need to get a custom logo/header designed for this blog! I think I may try out 99 Designs for that. Will start working on that this week.

outfit Tiger of Sweden
Chihuahua Pomeranian
Dog-Sitting this Chihuahua again. I posted about her once before if you remember..

This is how Hennessy slept last night, right above my head

Christmas Nails
Love my Christmas nails! It is Formula X "Pyrotechnic" with a top coat of "Wham!"

Nadege Macarons
Macarons from my sister

Nadege Patisserie
Macarons Nadege



  1. love the nails!!! cool pics!


  2. The nails look great! Can't wait to see your new site!!!


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