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travel magazines
As mentioned in my previous post..here is a big catch up of random photos taken in the past month or two! I just went through and saw that pretty much all of them consist of food lol. In the photo above are the travel magazines I bought this month. I got all the good ones I could find. Now I am subscribed (by mail) to CN Traveler, Lonely Planet, National Geographic Traveler, Travel + Leisure & Canadian Traveller lol. Plus I also have subscriptions to 3 business magazines. I guess I read quite a bit.

Shangri-La Hotel Toronto
The Chinese New Year decorations at Shangri-La Hotel!

Shangri La Hotel Toronto
Bosk bar Toronto
Bosk Toronto
Lunch + work at Bosk.

Bosk Toronto
Terroni Toronto
A few weeks ago, my mom came downtown. We went for lunch at Terroni on Queen St.

Terroni Toronto
Terroni Toronto restauarant
Terroni seafood pasta
I heard this is a good restaurant but to be honest I didn't like the food that much. The restaurant interiors were nice though.

Nadege Toronto
Then we had dessert at Nadege

Nadege Banoffee
Banoffee pie

Nadege Patisserie display
I can never resist taking photos of their displays

Nadege Patisserie Macarons
Nadege Toronto cakes
McEwan food
I've been going to McEwan's for lunch a lot these days. For those of you who don't know - he is a famous chef here in Toronto. He has some restaurants around the city and gourmet grocery stores as well. He has a grocery store now in the PATH and a section with prepared foods. My favourite thing there is the shrimp penne (there at the top) but every day there's different dishes. One complaint I have though is that a lot of things are spicy...and unfortunately they don't state that it's spicy on the sign so I accidentally get that stuff alot. & it's things that shouldn't even be spicy (like vegetable penne! I was quite disappointed lol)

Eclairs also at McEwan's

Marche Rosti
Because of the cold weather I've also been staying indoors a lot, only going to PATH-accessible places. So I've been going to Marche more again. I only like the rosti here though. & their Napoleon dessert is pretty good as well.

Asian Desserts


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  1. The pasta looks so delicious! I might get something similar for lunch today... I have only seen Marche in Switzerland before but never tried their food. Will consider it next time I get the chance.


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