474. Snow

Toronto winter
Hi everyone! Sorry I've been such a bad blogger these days. I've been quite busy with work and life in general but mainly..nothing exciting to blog about unfortunately. I'm more active on my social media accounts if you want to follow me on those (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat usernames are all Leftbanked). We've had such a warm snow-less winter this year here in Toronto. The first official "snowstorm" happened a few days ago. Although it wasn't much of a storm as you can see here. But I think this was the most snow we got this whole winter. Just a thin layer which melted away the next morning. I took some photos while it lasted:

Commerce Court snow
I really love my view and where I live. Even after 8 years here I'm not bored of it yet. The place I want to move to also has an amazing view (you may have seen a sneak peek on my Snapchat) but I'll post more about that in another post.

St James Cathedral
Toronto King St E
Toronto Union Station Front Street
Arne Jacobsen egg chair
outfit Louis Vuitton
vegetable barley soup
I decided to make vegetable barley soup earlier this week. Actually I made two big pots and had it every day for like 5 days straight. It was pretty good I must say. I think I'll make it again this week.



  1. I prefer to see snow on photos rather than experience it in real life. We've had some snow drizzle today but I really wish that it would be spring already! Can't wait to see your new place!

    1. I usually feel the same but after I went on my winter cabin trip a few months ago I really love snow hahah

  2. Okay is it just me or did your layout go from all black to all white? lol
    The soup looks good! I'm also someone who doesn't mind eating the same thing a few days in a row especially if I'm not the one cooking.
    Also I was clearing out my old polishes the other day and guess what? I found Essie's Fiji in there! I think I found the shade too pale for my skin tone but maybe I can layer it over or under something, what a funny coincidence!

    1. Yes I changed my layout colours but it was a long time ago! lol. I noticed you changed your blog name altogether..?
      I always eat the same thing for a few days in a row actually. I go through phases alot where I would love something and need to have it every day..
      lol ohh..I thought it was a bit pale for me at first too but I love it now!

    2. Oh no! It must be because I have this thing on my computer that reverses white and black sometimes so it's easier on my eyes and I just recently turned it off! Yes I did change my blog name altogether, I felt like I was outgrowing "Suki" and now I'm paranoid of outgrowing "Mana" but since it's derived from my personal name I think it will stick :)

    3. lol! I think I had it as white for at least the past 6 months or so already..

      I was actually confused by who you were at first when I saw the unrecognizable name (I figured it out after I visited your blog though)..you should post more often!


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