475. Condo Hunting

Here's an update on my condo hunting. I went to see a few units I liked a couple weeks ago. There's really just one building I'm interested in but for every unit there's always something wrong (the view, the layout, size, nice kitchen etc). I really want to find the perfect one but it's nearly impossible. Actually I really loved a few of the units here but the sizes are all the same or a bit smaller than my current place. & the kitchens here are all pretty small. One of the reasons I wanted to move was so I could cook more. At my current place I only have a "kitchenette" which doesn't have an oven which I want. Also I don't know if I should go for something larger. The view is really important to me as well. So a larger place with a nice view (for me, meaning high floor and view of the CN Tower) is really expensive. I think I will be ready to buy in a couple months so more units may be available by then. What I would really love is a loft. But those are always in bad far away areas. I'm pretty picky with area too lol. I really want to live closer to the harbour and not too far away from my current place because I love this area. We'll see what happens..
The photo above is taken in my favourite unit in terms of the view but the layout isn't the best. It's kind of narrow/rectangular and I'd want a more square-ish layout. There's another unit available that is my favourite which has everything I want, but it's also the most expensive. Well it's a huge corner unit with views of the lake (South), CN Tower (West), 2 bedrooms, super high floor, an actual walk-out balcony & a Juliet balcony etc. Plus the kitchen area is large enough so I could possibly renovate.

Here's a mix of some of the units I saw. I won't include photos of the kitchens, rooms, bathrooms, as you probably won't be interested lol. I just took those for reference for myself.

Arne Jacobsen egg chairs
Arne Jacobsen egg chairs in the lobby.

CN Tower
CN Tower view
Ice Condo
Toronto harbourfront condos
Union Station Toronto
Ichikami hair products
I bought these Japanese hair products last week. The brand is called Ichikami. I've never tried them before..they are amazing! They smell sooo good (apricot). The store I got them had a LOT of different brands of Japanese and Korean hair products it was hard to choose which one to get. Their packaging were all so beautiful.

Fast Fresh Foods
IQ Food Co.



  1. Those views are spectacular but honestly I'm much more interested in the boring stuff you didn't post like the kitchens and especially bathrooms haha Doesn't that just seem to always happen? The one you like is usually the most expensive, I guess that means we just have good taste right? I hope you find a place you like soon that meets all your criteria! Are you in a rush to move?

    Also I know what you mean by the pretty packaging of Japanese products, I always get seduced by them too.

    1. lol maybe I will post those next time :)
      yea I always seem to pick those ones..but I really want to find a place I absolutely love if I am to be there long term. No I'm not in a rush at all but I am ready for a change
      hahah yea I thought you'd like them!

  2. What happened to your wish to move to Paris? Wouldn't this be a good opportunity to think about finding a place there?

    1. Still would love to live there someday but I'm not ready for that yet! I would like to establish my career here first. Maybe will try getting an apartment there for a few months in the near future though as a start :)

  3. Are you moving in alone? Is condo very expensive in Canada? Housing in Singapore is very expensive and a great view of the city like those you showed would cost a bomb here. I was actually interested to see more photos as I'm always excited to look at housing photos so even a kichenette photo would delight me. =)

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

    1. Yes I live alone! I'm not sure how housing prices here would compare to Singapore..

      I will definitely try to post more photos of the other areas if I go to see it again! The ones I took before are not really good quality since I just took them for my own reference

  4. I know what I mean about getting the right place that would just tick off everything you want: Spaciousness, view, low HOA, location... the list goes on! My hsuband and I have been living on a flat with amazing view right now and I honestly feel like it would be hard to move to another place that wouldn't have that view and not in a central location. On the other hand, having a house would be a good thing too since there wouldn't be an HOA. Decisions, decisions! Keep us posted on what happens!

    Jo | www.STYLEAT30.com

    1. Glad you understand what I mean! I really love my current place now (it is the best location and I love my view) but I do want more space and a full kitchen..


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