River Cruising: The Perfect Cruise Experience

Budapest Amadeus Cruises
River cruising is one of the best introductions to cruising. Shorter journeys, ever-changing views, small intimate ships and the opportunity to see several beautiful countries all in one trip. If you are a first time cruiser, there is no better way to fall in love with cruising than on a beautiful river cruise. I have taken traditional/large cruises a few times when I was younger and have always wanted to do it again. River cruising is definitely very appealing to me. I would love to go on one someday (particularly through the Amazon), as they seem to offer more unique experiences than large cruise ships. This post is sponsored by Bolsover Cruise Club, on why a river cruise should be your next vacation!

Shorter duration: River cruises tend to be much shorter than a traditional cruise making them the perfect type of cruise for beginners. If you’re unsure about whether you’ll enjoy the motion of being on a cruise or just whether or not cruising is for you, a river cruise is the perfect type to try.

Visit several countries in a few days: A river cruise gives you the opportunity to visit a few different countries in a short period of time. It also has a very relaxed atmosphere. You get to see all the countries you’d like to visit without having to constantly switch your accommodation.

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Amazing views: River cruising is a wonderful way to see the world. Sailing through waterways surrounded by stunning landmarks, natural scenery and incredible buildings, you’ll be able to see parts of the world as you’ve never seen before while enjoying their incredible beauty from the comfort of your ship.

Smaller ships: As river cruises have to go under locks and small bridges, they have to be much smaller in size. This is one of the best perks to river cruising; much smaller and more intimate ships. With much less passengers, you can avoid huge crowds, easily meet new people and not have to walk far to go back to your suite.

Casual: Some people avoid cruising as they don’t enjoy attending the formal nights and the strict dining arrangements. With river cruising, the overall vibe is much more laid-back and casual, with open seating at meal times and casual dress at all times.

Amawaterways Vietnam Ha Long Bay

With river cruises to some of the world’s most enchanting cities including Budapest, Amsterdam, Moscow, Prague, Siem Reap, Kolkata, and more...a cruise at Bolsover Cruise Club guarantees you can visit some of the most amazing places in a short space of time. For an exciting way to see the world, book a river cruise!

(Photos: Viking River Cruises, Aqua Expeditions, AmaWaterways)


  1. I would love going on a cruise... with Nico as captain of course ;)

  2. This sounds like a dream! Would definitely take more cruises if I lived in Europe :)


    1. Me too! I'll probably take a lot more trips in general if I lived there..so many places I want to go, it's so easy to get around!

  3. I would love to go on a cruise, period! It's been my dream since forever and I kept bugging my husband about it. Hopefully when the little one is older and we all can enjoy it as a family.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Hope you will go on one soon..family cruises are fun!


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